Health & Safety


From management throughout our entire team, we are a family that is always focused on health, safety and injury prevention. It’s a “zero tolerance” approach that helps ensure every person goes home safe to their families at the end of every workday. We take great pride in achieving external COR safety audit scores of over 95% for the past several years.

As a caring and respectful organization, the well-being of every employee is of utmost importance. Therefore, Excel Group is committed to providing a safe work environment and subscribes to the principle that all incidents and injuries can be prevented. Getting injured is not an acceptable cost of doing business, nor is it part of getting the job done. Safety is a shared responsibility and requires employee commitment, involvement, feedback and engagement. Excel’s Safety Committee is very engaged and extremely proactive in their role. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

At Excel, we work proactively to avoid any incidents that may threaten our safety culture. Our team has access to specialized tools and technology that promote the prevention of accidents and the elimination of any threats to safety. The team is well-equipped to deal with emergencies. We ensure team preparedness through routine drills and exercises to test the response times and efficiency of our team members in demanding situations. Our driver training program is extensive and in-depth, ensuring all drivers feel safe prior to driving on their own. Our shop employees adhere to a high standard of maintaining our fleet of trucks, trailers and other equipment to ensure both drivers and the general public are kept safe. Safety is first in all maintenance decisions made.

Significant investment has been made to make safety our number one Core Value.